Dog Run Petition Given to Coop Board


There was an announcement at the Coop Council that approximately 492 signatures have been collected on a petition. The petition is asking the Coop Board to create a dog run. Please let your Penn South representatives know how you feel about this new development.


There are way more cats than dogs here. Cats need exercise, too, or they get fat. They also need to socialize with other cats. So many facilities here for kids. Now for dogs. Cats here outnumber these two groups by far. They need a Pussycat Playroom (at certain specified hours).


We do not need a dog run it would create excessive noise and a strong odor, even when picking up after your dog their will still be an odor pass by any dog run and you will agree. Also I am sure our maintenance men do not need this extra assignment.


Thanks for your input. I put up this information because I believe that many people do not know about the dog run petition. Please tell your neighbors.


yes, I have spoken to my coop council members. They are not strong advocates. For every advantage and suggestion, the council members spoke only about the advantages. Dog runs bring people together in a nice social setting that does not involve politics. Many of us have dogs and a fence with a key for only Penn South residents would be a very nice addition. Many apartment buildings now have private dog runs and I don’t remember hearing any issues. A bench, wee wee pads attached to a holder on the fence, NOT A DIRT FLOOR, which would be unsanitary, according to my Vet, a hose for cleaning, similar to the one at Chelsea Piers dog park, maintained by a fee like all the other activities here. You might want to disallow pit bulls, although I know there are several pits in my building. I have a tiny dog that is probably too small for the area but I do think that the interest is here.


You make very good points. I am glad that you are so passionate about this.

It’s hard to get 3,000 people to agree on anything. What would be great is for you to get all the rules and regulations for the building dog runs that you talk about. It would be great to see where it works successfully.

How do they handle their dog run so that all of the members of their building are happy? What about people who work odd hours? How is it kept quiet for them? Do they sound proof the area? Do they have doggie parties too? Do they hire a pooper scooper company? Do they disinfect it from sick animals? How much do they charge? Does the membership cover the cost? Remember we are 190 million in debt plus interest. Etc., etc., etc…


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Hi Chelsea, the coop will not approve a little dog run. It is not worth the energy if we know it won’t be approved. I asked about renting a rec room for a small dog activity once a month. Brian from the board said there wasn’t any interest in that and gave his reasons. I do take my dog to the 25th Street dog socialization (indoors $15 for an hour) and owners clean up after their dogs nicely. Never a problem. But we will not convince Penn South BOD. Too bad, dogs create a nice opportunity to socialize.


Where exactly is the 25th Street dog socialization place (indoors $15 for an hour)? Other people may want to know about this and go too.