Electrical Substation installation on 28th St


Hey guys, I wanted to let everyone know that there is a Traction Power Substation being installed by the MTA right next to building 9. This facility will help power the 8th Ave. Line. I used to work for the Electrical Power Dept. and I would like to talk about the drawbacks of such an installation. With these facilities there are certain problems that come along with them.


Electro Magnetic Radiation

And vermin

If you would pass by our Power House you would hear a certain amount of noise coming out of the facility. Depending on the equipment purchased, a Power Substation for the most part won’t emit that same noise level. But it is a concern. Electro Magnetic Radiation will only be an issue for those on the very lower floors facing the facility in building 9. Such radiation falls off quickly the farther you are from it. Vermin is going to be a problem because the Power Transformers will most likely be water cooled. They are usually not closed systems. So, depending on how low the equipment is in relation to the sewer, the waste water will be collected in a Sump pit. And as it fills it will be pumped out. Also garbage will collect in the Substation as crews visit and do maintenance in the facility. Water & Garbage will attract rodents and water-bugs with out a doubt. If there is an exit to the facility to the trainway, this will be even worse. I just want to let the people in building 9 know. Maybe before the MTA buys the equipment the noise concerns could be met. And the other issues ironed out. How do we bring this to the attention to the Co Op?


Iggy, I know that the best way to address an issue is a petition signed by people in your building voicing concern. Send a copy to Corey Johnson, who represents our development. Good luck, I am sorry to hear this. Let’s see what can be done to alleviate health concerns.


Oh yea guys, there is another problem with Facilities like this that I forgot to add. Electrolysis. The DC Cables that deliver and return the DC power to the tracks and back to the Substation can cause this. As they age can leak DC current that will be searching for a suitable ground. That means they will cause severe corrosion to metal underground. Such as water pipes, metal foundations etc. Sometimes the positive cables have isolation protection against this. But the negative return cables do not because they are hard wired. and there is no warning on when this happens to them. So you would find out the hard way by having to replace infrastructure.


Is the Co Op going to make any type official advisory to the residents living in building 8 & 9?