Harmonization of dogs at Penn South


How can we harmonize, so all of us will live in harmony?



How about some signs? Dog training tips may be helpful.


Can we get a dog trainer to come and teach a class at the coop?

Dogs are great! They are part of our coop family. They provide love and companionship. They keep a neighborhood safe. Many people live longer and happier lives because of dogs. They are part of nature and nature is important.

Our green spaces are great! Our neighbors enjoy them. In cooperation, our green spaces are enjoyed by all. When they get littered with dog poop, and flooded with dog urine it is sad for everybody. It can even be a health problem to the sick. It is costly in garden replacement plants, labor hours to clean, wash and hose down our side walks of dog waste. Water is becoming more expensive. We need to find a solution that will be a win win.


How about someone starting a dog club at Penn South? One thing it could do is clean up Penn South grounds from dog waste. This will help the cooperators who love dogs, but are disabled and cannot maintain their pets properly. It would be a wonderful way to volunteer time to Penn South.


Please ask your professional dog walker not to train your dog to poop on the Penn South grounds. Professional dog walkers have been seen training dogs to poop on the Penn South grounds on purpose. They give dogs treats after they poop on Penn South property. The treats encourage the dogs to repeat their pooping on Penn South. Thank you.