Roof use at the coop


Gotham Greens has built and operates over 170,000 square feet of technologically advanced, urban rooftop greenhouses across 4 facilities in New York City and Chicago. Gotham Greens’ pesticide-free produce is grown using ecologically sustainable methods in technologically-sophisticated, 100% clean energy powered, climate-controlled urban rooftop greenhouses. Gotham Greens provides its diverse retail, restaurant, and institutional customers with reliable, year-round, local supply of produce grown under the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability.


Rooftop Farm is another place that is using rooftop gardening. (In NYC we would have to use a green house, because of all the pollution.)

At the Rooftop Farm at Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing
they are working with the Seattle Urban Farm Company who setup their lower rooftop and is maintaining it for them. They are reaping 90% of their produce for a nearby restaurant. Eventually they hope to install photovoltaic solar panels on the upper rooftop.


I would so love this!


Yes. We may need to fix our roofs soon. It is a very big project. It would be great to add a small greenhouse as a trial experiment to a new roof.


Or view fireworks on July 4th on one building!


Yes–I second the motion!

Connie T.