Roommates rules


You can have a roommate if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Your roommate pays NO MORE THAN 50% of your maintenance and is on the income affidavit

  2. Your roommate understands that he/she will NOT be permitted to stay in the apartment upon your demise or departure

  3. Your roommate is NOT a nuisance to others on the floor.

  4. Tell our management to stop threatening to evict their seniors who look for a roommate for companionship. Their argument that we don’t have the judgement to make this decision flies in the face of reason. They certainly feel we have the judgement to vote via our proxies!

I understand that the coop is suggesting that we would become a boarding house. That is ridiculous and similar to the hysterical rhetoric the board used for 40 years to keep dogs out, stating we would be ruined. We will not be ruined, nothing would change, we would evict any cooperator creating a nuisance. Building 6 had to fight for 15 years to have the back door key, again, we were finally allowed the back door key and nothing collapsed. Building 8 had access to their back door for 35 years before building 6.


This is not about a roommate, but reply appears to be my only communication option. Can you tell me how one posts on this site? Thanks. Marilyn Goldstein


Hi Marilyn, you have to register, the office will be happy to help you with that.



Sounds like you are suggesting a old time TV show arrangement. It was called “The Golden Girls”.


You can post. Click the NEW TOPIC button in the top right of the main screen.