Solar power at the coop


Joan, Building 4 residents with complaints about the power house should submit them in writing to the Board President at the Management Office. It is quite possible that if the Powerhouse staff is aware of `vibration issues they can address them. We solved vibration issues from laundry room dryers with special vibration isolation equipment. Granted our dynamos are much larger and heavier than dryers, but I suspect similar measures of greater magnitude may solve the problem if there is one.


Thanks for your response, Brian, and I am sure that you are right about all the board members working diligently under a lot stress. I will pass this on to the neighbor who told me that she was told that sizing down wasn’t possible. Wouldn’t it make sense for this information to be shared yearly so that misinformation is not spread? And you are correct about the cost of a dog run being too costly to consider. Too bad, dogs are a nice way for neighbors to meet. No solution.


For example, the Senior Center might have the information about sizing down so that they can advise members who have three bedroom apartments.


Yes, it is possible that the people in building 4 already did that. I don’t know, but one of the people who complained to me about vibration is on the Committee so she has the opportunity to grieve, I am sure. Just glad that I don’t have one of the apartments attached to the plant.


I just exchanged email with our President who encouraged you to organize dog owners, pool their funds, and apply to the Management Office for the use of a room. The room would cost $150 including cleanup if the usage is allowed.


Great, that would be $15 a person if 10 people were interested. Do we have a doggie email list of registered dogs? If so, we could send an email to them. my little dog is registered. we would insist on shot records, non aggessive dogs under 20 lbs and see if it flies. I would be willing to organize, using the same language as other dog social groups. Perhaps we can add it to the Penn South newsletter as a new start up club.

Very sweet of you, Brian.


The Office would not release the list of dog owners to you, but we might be able to either include an announcement in the newsletter and bulletin boards or send out a notice to the list. You may need to establish a leadership group with some bylaws first. Even after you organized a leadership group the Board will still have to approve the usage as I mentioned in my previous message. The board may feel that having a room subject to canine defecation may not be in the overall interest of the coop.

It might be more realistic to organize a dog social group that would meet at an existing location such as the Chelsea Piers Dog Run.


Would $10 a person cover the cost of concreting the floor, fencing, hiring a pooper scooper company, hiring a lawyer(s) to handle complaints (what it there is a dog injury inside the dog run, etc.). Who will police the rules? Who will deal with other dogs from the neighborhood who would want to play too and sneak in after someone who had the key, and soundproofing the area from the doggie noise? Would our neighbors be upset with us? We share our benches and playgrounds with our community. An exclusive dog run may change our neighborhood relations. Please post the agreements that other dog runs use? What is this standard agreement?

It may not sound like it, but I really like animals. Dogs are very good pets and have very good benefits. They are loving and give great protection. However, the coop is for all of us. Not everyone has the time, money or ability to care for a pet, even though they would love to have one. Not everyone who has a dog has the time, money, or ability to care for them, even though they have them. It is a big commitment and it is really a personal choice. Our grounds are for everyone, and as you know beautiful gardens are very rare around here.


Joan, upon reflection I don’t think the Board would approve using a common room as an indoor dog playroom. The playroom you visit likely was purpose built for that purpose, with a sealed waterproof floor and drains for spraying the floor down after use. Our common rooms are not constructed that way and therefore are not suitable for that use.


I heard that there is a great dog run at the Hudson River on the Upper West Side. Everyone gets along fine. There is a dirt floor, everyone cleans up after themselves. There is one run for big dogs and one for small dogs. It’s in the 80’s or 90’s. Might be worth investigating. What great exercise walking up to the 80’s.


Yes! I was wondering when someone would bring this up. I would welcome having a solar energy installation expert come to Penn South and make a presentation on tie he feasibility of such a project. Perhaps Corey Johnson’s office might be a good source of information.

Connie Tate
Building 6B


The Board has looked at solar power. Here are the reasons it does not make sense for us:

We currently produce power by burning gas or oil to create steam that drives electricity generating turbines. We use the heat generated by the turbines to heat our water and feed steam driven chillers that cool our water for air cooling. This is called co-generation. If we had solar cells on the tops of buildings, we would need to heat or cool water some other way. Also we would have to install expensive switching gear to integrate the solar power with our existing power to assure a steady balanced supply of electricity to apartments.

Because of co-generation, our current cost to supply electricity, hot water, heating, and air-cooling is far below that of any solar based system. Since our main directive under the conditions of our new HPD loan is to supply housing at the lowest possible cost, solar power is not a viable option.